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Sinclair Ancestral Research is a firm of genealogists and legal research agents specialising in the location of  missing beneficiaries to home and international  estates.  We trace individuals and complete family lines, depending on  requirements.

Lawyers are regularly asked to trace missing beneficiaries and are now required to report unclaimed dormant funds  to The Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer (QLTR) in Scotland and The Treasury Solicitor in England.   It is more cost effective to use the skills of a  professional genealogist.

"My client is delighted you have been able to trace his daughter.  I have passed on the details and he has now contacted her direct.  I thank you for your assistance"  WH Hunter and Robertson, Solicitors,  Paisley

We regularly  cooperate closely with the QLTR and The Treasury Solicitor’s  Office in tracing beneficiaries to intestate estates.

We have traced beneficiaries from all over the world to intestate estates.

"We are truly grateful for what you and your colleagues have achieved on our behalf, because as far as we knew the family lost contact with XXXX during the 'blitz' around 1942."JS  Cheltenham, Victoria,  Australia

"I should like to take this opportunity to  thank you.  I am very surprised that matters have been dealt with so quickly, you did think initially it would take some time. I am very pleased and feel you've done a great job."   MD Calian, France

We make a long term commitment to all our clients, whether lawyers:

"Thank you very much indeed.....on the successful result of your researches.  This is good news indeed and I send you warmest congratulations."      TCE Overburys, Solicitors, Norwich

or potential beneficiaries:

"I want to thank you for all your efforts  - you have been thoroughly open, honest and straightforward and also extremely pleasant  - even fun! - to deal with.  I wish you continued success on the heritage trail"    HA  London, England